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Don’t be afraid of controversy. Prepare for it.

7 Nov , 2016  

When we, at D4 Creative, created the TV campaign for Cure Auto Insurance, which included five pretty hysterical spots, we knew that one of them was going to be controversial. In that spot, which first appeared in the 2016 SuperBowl, we see a son who’s Dad is about to tell him something important before he, well, dies. The son gets distracted by a beautiful doctor in the hospital room doorway, and his Dad passes before saying anything. (The whole campaign featured driving tips targeted for younger drivers, and this tip was “avoid distractions”.) Dark, yes- but funny too. Anticipating that there would be a lot of people upset about seeing the old man die through social media, we thought ahead on two fronts: 1. We filmed two alternate endings where the dad suddenly wakes up, thereby quieting the controversy that we were a bit insensitive. (It is amazing to note that the public forgets that no actors were actually killed in the making of the spot.) You can see one of the alternate endings below. (You can contact me to hear about the other alternate ending.) 2. We advised the brand to respond to media inquiries confidently and not to apologize for the commercial. The response: “If our spot reminds even one young driver to pay more attention while driving thereby saving his or her life, then it’s worth running the spot.” I should tell you the campaign continues to generate a lot of positive attention for Cure Auto Insurance, as well as keeping them top of mind in a very competitive space. To see some more of the spots, click here.

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