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Doing Kegels on the LIRR— How Controversy can Lead to Incredible Brand Awareness

25 Mar , 2013  

LIRR Kegels AdLadies admit it, you’re doing kegels right now. Well I sure am— and if this offends you I’m terribly sorry. Did you happen to read in the news about all the people offended by the Viagra ads in the subway? Or that one billboard about erectile dysfunction? I’m betting you didn’t. Because there aren’t any. For some reason these intimate topics are completely appropriate. However, once kegels get thrown into the picture—people everywhere tighten up. Pun intended. Ultimately the brilliance behind D4’s brainchild did just what it was meant to do. Get people talking. Being able to make an impact such as this one for our client has been phenomenal. It’s how you know as an agency you did something right. As an agency, if you’re a good one anyway, you try to plan everything, but sometimes you have to just rely on the right time and place. And once again, if you’re good—you’ll pick just that right time and place. People everywhere now are talking about Veria Living. Some positively, some negatively (and we heard it was tough to offend New Yorkers). Veria Living is a health and wellness channel that brings a sense of balance to modern living. So big picture, besides just gaining incredible brand awareness for our client, we took part in a Random Act of Wellness—because those who decide to embrace Veria Living, now that they’ve heard of it, will in turn live a healthier lifestyle. What’s exactly is a Random Act of Wellness you ask? Well check that out here: To see what the media is saying about our Long Island Railroad ads Google: “Kegels LIRR” and select one of the over 16,000 articles written about it. Viewer discretion advised—apparently.  

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