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D4 Creative and K’NEX® launch new campaign to celebrate LINCOLN LOGS® 100th Anniversary

19 Dec , 2016  

New promo video highlights multigenerational fun! D4 Creative launched an exciting marketing campaign for K’NEX to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the LINCOLN LOGS brand, which K’NEX licenses from Hasbro. Targeted to moms and grandparents alike, the company wanted a “generational” video- one that would be warmly received by ‘children’ of all ages, reminding them of the wonderful building experience LINCOLN LOGS provides. Additionally, K’NEX gave D4 the daunting task of generating 1 million views for the video. D4 went to work both strategically and creatively and delivered a non-scripted spot that captures seniors and preschoolers organically, and lovingly building together! In order to generate the viewership goal, D4 utilized a highly targeted digital media buy, allowing them to guarantee one million views. D4’s expertise resulted in a campaign conversion rate that was 300% higher than the baseline for the toy category. The LINCOLN LOGS spot can be viewed here: K’NEX Brand Manager, Erica Schnebel, who oversees the LINCOLN LOGS brand commented, “D4 presented us with a number of great concepts, but we knew the idea of kids and seniors playing together would really resonate with our audience. And it did! The LINCOLN LOGS page on has become the 2nd most visited page, and more importantly, the 100th Anniversary Tin is selling out. We are very happy.” “There’s a measure of risk when you go into a shoot completely unscripted, especially when working with a room full of excited three and four-year olds. You have to allow the magic to just happen in order to capture authentic warm moments between the kids and the seniors,” added Dave Lesser, Sr. Creative Director. Production Notes The core D4 team consisted of Michael Snyder, Chief Strategy Officer; Dave Lesser, Senior Creative Director; Sarah Schatzinger, Agency Producer; and Kurt Shore, Chief Creative Officer, (who also scored and composed the music). D4 utilized Pretty Damn Sweet for production and editorial. Chris Zurzolo engineered audio and mixdown.

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