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A non-marketer’s recipe for easily tracking social media metrics

20 Feb , 2013  

Serves: Many purposes D4 social media | jess blog pic As a creative writer at D4, crunching numbers and analyzing data at times can be overwhelming.  And I’ve often thought, “well I’ll just leave that for the bean counters.” Recently however, I’ve learned some basics in regards to measuring the success of social media efforts. And it’s not as complicated as I thought! So in a perfect world, you’d want to know how many people have seen the content you’re generating for your company and what they respond to, right? Believe it or not, there’s a way to do this without being a computer genius, and without going all “big brother” on your followers. Believe me, knowing the stats behind your efforts will be a tasty treat for your company. The ingredients:

Directions: Step 1: First, take the URL and put it into the tracking generator. Blend. You can create multiple links tied to each of your social platforms and label them as such. This way, you can see if you had more traffic driving from Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you decide to share your link. Step 2: Be specific to taste. You can decide how specific you want to get! It’s important to know the time of day your target responds best to as well. So instead of making one URL to tie to Facebook, you can make different ones per each post. This way you can see which time of day, subject matter or type of post you get the best response to. Step 3: Track your response and enjoy. There’s no point in cooking up these stats if you don’t implement them into your strategic planning—analytics can’t be half-baked. You must commit and monitor for them really to be effective. But always remember to keep up to date with these strategies, because this recipe is always subject to change. Cool and serve. Part 2 of this recipe with more details will be posted next week!  

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