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7 Deadly Sins of Advertising

16 Jun , 2014   Video

As marketers, we are always working to prove why our product or service is better than our competitors.  It never hurts to be a little tempting.  With the right tactics, people will be drawn to your brand.  Here are the seven ways to engage your audience and lead them towards customer loyalty. 1. Lust- Ads should be alluring and draw in the viewer.  Teleflora “Give and Receive”  2. Gluttony- It never hurts to have food involved. Hellmann’s “Food Slot” 3. Greed- The audience should be longing over your brand. Kia “Morpheus” 4. Sloth- Lazy tendencies? Give your audience the push they need. Adidas “House Match” 5. Wrath- We all have those days full of angst. Be able to relate to your target. Allstate “Mayhem: Toddler” 6. Envy- Focus on why the customer should want your product. Samsung “Evolution” 7. Pride- Be confident without being egocentric. Planet Fitness “Hot”

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