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6 Ways Instagram Can Provide Value to Your Business

24 Jun , 2014  

We all know that social media channels are a great way to share your businesses content and connect with your followers.  Most of us already have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so what’s one more?  We recently added Instagram to our list of social media channels and it has been a worthy addition so far. Here are a few reasons why we enjoy using Instagram for our business. It gives you a personality
: Since Instagram is all about pictures it enables us to have a personality.  Our followers  get to see the work we do, the space we have and the employees engagement within the company. It is like a behind the scenes of D4 in a sense and who doesn’t like to know what happens behind  closed doors.  We can show off our fun environment and showcase the day-to-day life at D4. Engagement: 
Your followers will feel more personable to your business since they can see what you are truly like and will want to share your content with others.  You will see more likes and comments within this social media channel than any of your other ones. Drives Traffic
: Your Instagram business account will drive traffic to your website.  You can include a link to your site in your about section.  You can also link you Instagram to Facebook, which will also drive more traffic to your Instagram and website. Visual Marketing: 
Your followers are more likely to stop and look at picture rather than read a post. Most of your visual content on your other social media sites probably get a lot of attention and this channel is dedicated to visual content. Measuring your results:
 There are many tools out there like, Statigram, that help you measure your content.  You can see which post got the most attention and when you gained and lost followers. Instagram is fun!: Some social media channels you feel restricted and have to keep it professional; with Instagram you can show off your fun side.  The younger crowd at your office will especially enjoy the photo ops and like seeing themselves on the company Instagram page, which could also lead to more shares. These are just a few good reasons why Instagram is a good way to provide value to your business. When first starting out on a new social media channel it is always good to know a few tricks and see the success of other brands and how they marketed themselves.  Instagram has, here they offer a blog that gives you tips and other fun facts about Instagram for your business. If you decide Instagram is the right fit for you this is a good thing to check out!

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