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101 Ways to Use Social Media to Help with Lead Generation

7 Jul , 2014  

Whether your business is B2B, B2C or both social media is a great way to generate leads. Here are 101 ways to help you to generate leads using social media.   Targeting: 1.  Add targeted connections to your network 2. Determine habits are targeted connections, use data to nurture them where they are located 3.  Integrate those connections within your CRM 4.  Monitor newsfeeds 5.  Be easy to reach 6.   Know where your customers spend their time 7.   Know your times to post on each channel 8    Provide peer-to-peer recommendations 9.   Leverage paid ad-units to target 10. Listen to sentiment 11.  Use sites like Twitaholic to connect with the top tweeters in your city.   Interactions: 12.  Interview leaders in you industry 13.  “Like” other pages that relate to your area of expertise 14.  Write for another blog or website 15.  Sign up for events on social media 16. Cross Promote 17.  Invite people to events via Facebook 18.  Post Comments on other blogs 19.  Remember, social media is a two-way conversation; interact! 20. Congratulate followers on their achievements 21.   Encourage comments and subscribers to interact with your content 22.   Respond to EVERYONE’s comments 23.   Provide excellent customer service 24.   Provide social polls 25. Ask Questions 26. Ask for Feedback 27. Follow people in your area of expertise   Messaging: 28. Make Clear objectives and goals 29. Be helpful to your followers 30.  Post regular updates of value (more is NOT always better) 31.   Make sure your message is consistent and follows a pre-determined strategy 32.   Provide access to exclusive content for new followers/fans 33.   When necessary, leverage a mixture of earned and paid/sponsored posts to reach audience groups   Sharing: 34. Refer a friend 35. Be involved with sweepstakes 36. Share tips on blogs and posts 37. Share infographics 38. Integrate a Facebook like within your website 39. Where possible, integrate social sharing within all online tactics (website, email, etc.) 40. Find posts and tweets that promote your content and share it 41. Reshare existing content 42.Share relevant content with prospects 43.Link your content together   Social Media Channels: 44. Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website 45. Use a promoted Tweet 46. Link back to landing pages 47. Sponsor a form on another page 48. Create an ad on Linkedin 49. Promote offers 50. Make ads and content visually appealing 51. Host a webinar 52. Make a presentation on Slideshare 53. Utlize Multiple Channels 54. Conduct a Google + hangout 55. Join or start a Twitter chat 56. Find posts and tweets that promote your content and share it 57. Write EBooks 58.  Join Linkedin Groups 59.  Provide recommendations 60.  Develop a business page 61.   Optimize a individual employee page 62.   Use Google+ to aid in SEO organic rankings 63.   Incorporate authorship into posts; drive back to G+ page 64.   Create a board within Pinterest that your audience will discover 65.   Claim your business within Foursquare 66.   Connect with the top Tweeters in your region 67.   Ask your Facebook fans a question 68.   Submit your photos to Instagram or Flickr groups 69.   Livestream your events 70.  Record Webinars 71.   Cross-promote via your other social channels   Tracking: 72. Use key phrases in Tweets 73. Have a link to your blog from your other social media channels 74. Use keywords on you LinkedIn company page 75. Use tags and name your images 76. Track results and success 77. Monitor questions and conversations about your product 78. Monitor key phrases customers are using 79. Monitor the Industry Trends 80. Monitor your competitor 81.  Incorporate UTM tags within all URLs that drive back to your website. (link to UTM tag builder page) 82.  Test to see what’s working 83.  Track referrals from social media sites; focus where the users are located 84.  Monitor what users are saying about your brand within   Content: 85.  Post information about your company on Yelp and other online directories 86.  Make your Content Visual 87.  Create a Podcast 88.   Create content that fans/followers will want to share 89.   Re-purpose whitepaper articles to drive traffic from social channels back into landing pages 90.   Utilize keyword optimized tags within body content 91.   Incorporate hashtags when necessary 92.   Repurpose content; optimize for the respective channel 93.   Develop content based on trending information to reach a larger audience 94.   Use widgets to incorporate social media content into your website 95.   Align content with major events or Holidays 96.   Diversify your content to all major user types   Video 97.  Publish a video that reflects your company’s personality 98. Publish links to your videos on your social channels 99.   Optimize video titles within YouTube 100.  Brand your YouTube channel 101.  Feature links to your website within your video    

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